Manga Style Art
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Manga Style Art

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Manga style art with colors and high quality with one character and simple background.
I will draw women and man in sensual poses interacting or not with objects, yaoi, yuri, bara, furry, elves, succubus among others. I do not draw machines, wicks, deformed demons, poop, vomit, mutilation, and children eroticized.
This value is for one character, the additional for more one character is $45.
Minimum delivery time is 30 days, which may vary more or less depending on the complexity of the order.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 3.2 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 6 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 31 2020

Their art is really amazing. While there was a bit of a wait, once they got to work on my commission they got through it really quick and updated me on every step. I would definitely hire them again sometime.


July 31 2020

Excellent work and a great artist!


May 09 2020

Excellent artist, very friendly and professional!


May 07 2020

A perfect experience. I received some of the most high quality art I've ever had from Kitsune, and they work so fast too! Thank you! I'm going to come back for sure.


January 24 2020

Amazing work, very fast and well done! Highly recommend! <3


December 21 2019

Long wait, but the results were more than satisfactory!


November 10 2019

Made everything to my specifications and was very polite. Would recommend.


October 12 2019

This artist was very polite and accommodating. Made sure to meet all my specifications. Would definitely commission again!


October 08 2019

Artist was timely and very accommodating to the request. Exceeded expectations, really happy with the result!


September 21 2019

KitsuneArts was absolutely lovely to deal with, incredibly cheap, amazingly talented and a lovely person to deal with who was more than happy to make edits to deliver the perfect piece of art. I'd highly recommend their work.

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