knee up colored
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knee up colored

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if you're interested please send me a message via facebook (Shandi Lesmana Hidayat)
or instagram shandilesmanahidayat,

Thank you

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 11 2019

Fantastic quality for price. Quick to respond and show results.


May 03 2019

Absolutely wonderful artist to work with, commissioned two pieces, both completely different in style and I could not be more pleased. I will for sure be coming to them in future


April 30 2019

Truly stunning work 10 out of 10, great communication.


April 29 2019

Fast and well done


April 26 2019

Another fantastic piece, done quickly and efficiently. I made things difficult with some alteration requests, and Shandi rose to the challenge ideally.


April 06 2019

The artist worked very quickly, was communicative, and portrayed all of the references provided in the artwork with impeccable attention to detail


April 05 2019

Shandilesmana works fast; amazingly fast. I found myself leaving them without response longer than expected just because I wasn't ready for them to have responded so soon! Any requests were met with a quick and easy edit, not that many were needed because the product was just so in line with what I was looking for from start to finish. Fantastic product, fantastic service, can't wait to commission again.


April 02 2019

This one was a gift for a friend. They listened to every request we had, making sure to get all the details of the character right. My friend couldn't be happier with her gift. The entire piece is beautiful and captured everything - from the scars on the arm, to the horn curvature, to the detailed clothes and beautiful tail. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience and amazing piece of art.


February 01 2019

Artist was very responsive, and pleasant to deal with - dealt with multiple requests politely and promptly. The artwork was great as well, exactly as asked for and as the samples suggested. Great experience all around.


February 01 2019

The artist is amazing and was quick to respond. I adored the work from start to finish. They did an amazing job with body sizing, which is a rare feature in a lot of artist. I highly recommend!

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