Colored Knee up
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Colored Knee up

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i will draw you a detailed,full color, knee up ^^

as for today each time you buy a full body commission you'll get 1 20% discount ticket for bust up/half body/knee up.
This ticket will keep working for 1 month, the count will start after i finish the full body commission. You can use it after you do the payment on full body commission.
And for everyone that has been buying my full body commission this month will get this 20% discount ticket.

here it's what i do :



3.original character/your character character

and here it's what i don't draw :


2.nsfw (18+) (echi is fine as long as it cover certain part like this

4.mecha or complicated armor

5.furry (animal ear or half furry is fine)

you can check here for queue information
you can check more of my artwork here
Bust Up commission :
Half Body Commission :
Full Body Commission :
Chibi Commission :

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 44 clients thus far.

client reviews


December 10 2019

Responsive! Super kind and flexible, willing to work with me! This artist exceeded by expectations!


December 06 2019

Absolutely amazing work! Wayanfa is incredibly hard-working and very fast! Her color work is lovely, and she made very excellent decisions when given control over design aspects of a character. Wonderful to work with, and very pleasant to speak with. I highly recommend her, she was an excellent choice for my first commission.


November 20 2019

Artist worked real fast and delivered great work.


November 18 2019

Would definitely recommend wayanfa!!! Great artist to work with, glad I commissioned them!


October 31 2019

Great art and easy to work with


October 21 2019

Friendly and great artist! Love the work


October 19 2019

Communicative and very patient!


October 11 2019

Would definitely commission artist again. Very easy to work with and considerate. Will make changes for you to ensure you that are completely satisfied.


October 05 2019

A long wait but a wonderful art piece delivered.


September 24 2019

Amazing work from amazing artist name Wayanfa! It was totally worth the wait. Wayanfa is very friendly and I am very comfortable with the artist. Will definitely comeback for more~ ^^

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