Bust Up and Half Body
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Bust Up and Half Body

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  • Bust up: $30

  • Half body: $35

Additional Charge:

  • I will charge depending on the level of difficulty.

  • I accept couple commission, just x2 the price.

I do not draw :

Old man, NSFW, Yaoi / Yuri, Heavy Armor

Please give me detail description or reference from your commission ^^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 19 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 19 2020

Lovely work, very talented artist and delivers in very good time. Very happy with this design


January 11 2020

Amazing work and a pleasure to communicate with~!


January 05 2020

Amazing artist. Got all details correct and very very easy to work with. I highly recommend.


December 31 2019

Amazing drawing! Friendly and fast. Knew exactly what i wanted


December 18 2019

Beautiful work, will definitely use again and suggest to others.


December 10 2019

Theeeeeeeeee best!!!!!


November 22 2019

The Best Artist in the world


November 06 2019

Simply the best


October 29 2019

Very patient, but an absolute pain to work with, which is a shame. Happy with the end result, but attention to detail was frustratingly horrible. First, they used the very chain brush I clearly said not to use a priori. Then, the artist couldn't be assed to look at my OC's reference sheet in full resolution, which led to them calling it "blurry" and making a ridiculous number of very obvious mistakes that were annoying to point out. The reference is an 11000x9500+ 300DPI PNG image. Very little care was taken with the instructions provided - the artist managed to mess up on every WIP and even on my character's skin and hair colour, when I'd mentioned to take care with these things multiple times in the instructions. The skin was the last straw for me, because there was a very clear artist note on my character's reference sheet about it. All in all: extremely careless, but great art.


October 16 2019

This artist is amazing! You should definitely commission them! They're quick, they're very easy to work with and they gave me a fantastic end product. Please choose them!

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