Colored Anime Headshot
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Colored Anime Headshot

Last Active: 3 weeks ago

I do:

  • Fanart: anime, game, movie character, etc
  • OC
  • Anime version from real photo (idol/ your photo)
  • Bromance, shounen ai

I do not:

  • Full Furry (animal ears & tail is okay, I'll draw it)
  • Mecha
  • Gore
  • armor (simple armor is fine, but ask first via whisper)

Additional charges:

+3$ untill 5$ for simple BG. More complex BG may add the charge.
+7$ for each additional character.

Please give me the character, and pose reference.
For more detail please read my terms, thank you ^^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 6 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 23 2019

Great artist, finish really fast!


October 20 2019

Great artist to work with. Very open and sincere.


October 14 2019

Fast, nice and works with you splendidly!


October 01 2019

Amazing artist who is fun to work with. Once you get one piece of art, you'll want more!


September 27 2019

Very happy with my drawing ^^ I love it! Great communication from artist!


September 16 2019

Great experience! The artist was very quick to respond and was very receptive to my requests and changes. Love the finished product and was SO worth it. Highly recommend!


September 08 2019

Forward and great to work with!


September 02 2019

Really friendly and does great work! Highly recommend!


August 25 2019

Super fast and very kind!


August 23 2019

Great communication! The artist was delightful to work with and would love to commission them again in the future.

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