Simple Colored  sketch!
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Simple Colored sketch!

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Hi My name is Atari and i will gladly draw your oc or to do some fanart requested by you

Price chart

  1 character Half body sketch 10

  Additional character 5

And u will get

fullsize 3000pix 300dpi 

backgroundless PNG  with simple bg

if u want see more of my drawing please visit

Thank you

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 10 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 17 2020

Very easy and pleasant to work with. Good communication and nice art! :D


January 16 2020

Very friendly, flexible, versatile artist. Was willing to change their art style specifically for my commission even though they had every reasonable right to refuse. Very patient about my nitpicks and very accommodating about my requests. Final product was just as I wanted, and for the price it was a stellar deal. I was admittedly a bit inconsiderate by asking them to change their art style just because it wasn't my taste, and even if they were okay with it, I would recommend making more sure with the artist if they are comfortable with style changes in the future. All in all, highly recommended artist.


January 14 2020

Very quick, attentive and polite...~


January 09 2020

Brilliantly efficient and well done. Timely and polite with constant feedback.


January 02 2020

Such a pleasant and talented artist. Looking forward to commissioning them again!


December 28 2019

Great work and good step by step communication


December 22 2019

Excellent artwork, flexible for requests, very considerate. I would recommend again!


December 10 2019

Such a quick turnaround and so wonderful to work with. Great quality and would definitely work with them again!


December 02 2019

Super flexible and wonderful artist! Exceeded expectations.


November 23 2019

Pretty quick, wonderful result. Highly recommended.

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