Character Colored Full Body
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Character Colored Full Body

Last Active: 2 months ago

Hello there, i open slot for character colored full body.

The character contains : - Fan art (From anime).
- Fan art ( From your original chara ). - Fan art ( From your game chara ). - I take any genres ( Except NSFW ). - Drawn and colored digitally. - No background. - Male / Female character.

Have a good day ^_^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 7.9 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 16 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 20 2019

Great art ! Really fast worker, the art is really nice, I really love it ^^ Thanks you so much !


February 20 2019

Quick, polite, and did a fantastic job!


January 18 2019

Zein was extremely friendly and easy to work with. Their artwork was also incredible. I’m very satisfied with my commission and would highly recommend them to anyone else who is looking to get art done.


November 20 2018

Excellent artwork! Well worth the $15 spent!


October 23 2018

Thanks friend, I loved it! And you was so fast to finish it. I recommend Zein to all ff xiv players and to anyone who wants to get a pretty character design and searching for a polite person too.


October 23 2018

Dang good art. Would give money for more artistry in the future.


October 20 2018

Wonderful as always! Going to commission again :3


October 14 2018

Another posituve review for this stunning artist as usual!


September 17 2018

Once more, Zein has done a beautiful job of capturing one of my OC's. I highly recommend working with this sweetheart of an artist to anyone!


September 16 2018

Good quality for a good price

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