Full body/ colored
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Full body/ colored

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no mecha, no furry, bionic arms/feet still acceptable
+detail add 15 USD
+ another chara add 40 USD

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 11 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 02 2019

Wonderful and great artist! Very attentive!


October 21 2019

A second commission from MilepHunter and I couldn't be happier. He got my OC extremely well and managed to bring the idea into life perfectly. I'll definitely come in for third at some point!


October 04 2019

Absolutely delightful to work with. Took to my sketch changes and made perfect adjustments!!! Will buy more!!! ?


September 07 2019

It felt like the artist and I understood each other perfectly with the commission I got, it was genuinely enjoyable to work with them and the artwork itself knocked me off my feet with how great it was. Already knew to expect amazing things and still they surprised me. I'll be commissioning them again very soon, highly recommended!


September 03 2019

Fantastic art!


August 05 2019

A amazing artist. His attention to detail is great and his character designs are unique and detailed. The job took some time to complete and costed a bit more then most artists. But the quality proved the cost and wait worth it. If you value quality art above all else, then I can not recommend this artist enough.


July 10 2019

Once again a joy to work with and the art was excellent!


June 25 2019

Amazing work and easy to talk with


June 20 2019

very easy to work with 10/10


June 14 2019

Great to work with!

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