Full body/ colored

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  • $ 50.00 base price
  • 7 Days estimated turnaround time
  • 3 / 3 available
Full body/ colored
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 9 clients thus far.

MilepHunter describes this slot:

no mecha, no furry, bionic arms/feet still acceptable
+detail add 15 USD
+ another chara add 40 USD


MadLad writes:

A amazing artist. His attention to detail is great and his character designs are unique and detailed. The job took some time to complete and costed a bit more then most artists. But the quality proved the cost and wait worth it. If you value quality art above all else, then I can not recommend this artist enough.

Auraxis writes:

Once again a joy to work with and the art was excellent!

Ribben writes:

Amazing work and easy to talk with

kristpathfinder writes:

very easy to work with 10/10

Lanorae writes:

Great to work with!

Hotrod2905 writes:

Enjoyable to work with, final product is amazing! 10/10 would suggest this artist!

Auraxis writes:

Loved working with the artist!

thronmarch writes:

Wonderful to work with! They took what I wanted and made it happen. Despite language struggles between the two of us they always made sure make sure things were how I wanted it. Even when in revisions I forgot something they fixed it! Really loved how my piece came out.

Saraune writes:

Once again Milephunter went above and beyond my wishes for this piece. I highly recommend working with this artist! They are very attentive to detail, receptive of any changes you may need, and a pleasure to work with. 11/10!

Saraune writes:

Milephunter was a FANTASTIC Artist to work with! They got my piece exactly how I pictured it in my head when I sent the request. 10/10

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