Hogwarts Student Harry Potter Custom Art
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Hogwarts Student Harry Potter Custom Art

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Hello! Thank you for checking out my gig,

What's included in the price above?

  1. 1 (One) character Half Body
  2. Full Color
  3. Outfit and accessories
  4. Medium Detail Background
  5. Aesthetic accents (eg. Neon lights, sakura petals, snow, lights, etc)

Extras Price List:

+$10 For patronus/Pet Familair
+$15 For Full Body
+$25 for an additional character

Look forward to working with you and please message me if you have any questions or requests you’d like to ask! ^_^ I would be happy to help!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 5 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 15 2020

very friendly artist, made all the edits I wanted, took all of my input. fast a reliable, I will be commissioning them in the future for sure.


January 30 2020

Very attentive to your wants and needs. Wonderful communication and great work. Definitely recommend. :)


December 06 2019

Blown away yet again!


July 14 2019

Lovely artist once again. Quick, kind, attentive to your character on a level that few others are. 11/10 reccomend


June 17 2019

Quick work, great customer service.


June 15 2019

A talented artist who works quickly and communicates really well! Would recommend to anyone looking for beautiful art: Eflyn brought my D&D character to life with enthusiasm and creativity! Thank you so much. <3


May 22 2019

Absolutely Amazing artist to work with from start to finish. Quick responses, several sketches and took liberties where needed. Will definitely be working with Eflyn again :D


May 20 2019

Incredible artist! Kind, funny, and extremely talented! I would recommend everyone to work with them!


April 25 2019

Very amiable artist, I loved working with him and the final product was simply amazing! I can not recommend more, everything about the experience and art was superb!


October 12 2018

Decent turn around time

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