SoftS - Anime Fullbody Pinup
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SoftS - Anime Fullbody Pinup

Hi! thanks for having interest in my art!

This anime full body will be delivered as:

  • A4 in 300 Dpi (width may change with drawing)
  • 1 Character (It can be a fanart, or your OC/Avatar )
  • Soft Shading
  • Flat / gradient / texture background

+Extra character:+ $31 each (up to 3)
+Small Pets/companions: minimum $10 each, will depend on the complexity.
+Super detailed characters: +$12 -22min each

For more background options:

+Character design will have a 50% + fee (this is if you are creating a new OC or outfit).
+NSFW will be charged with $20 each character

You can see more examples of this slot here:

~*~Please read my terms to know about the process and how to order~*~

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


December 23 2018

Great art, pleasant to talk to and even puts up with my constant small changes! xD


December 21 2018

Gora is legendary, what are you waiting for, just commission already!


December 17 2018

glad to have comissioned from gora! they are great, very creative and quick with their work, i expected it to take maybe 5 days, but they finished it within 32 hours of my request submission, so all in all i am happy with this!


December 13 2018

I had nothing to complain about the work! Some nice and beautiful art!


December 13 2018

Awesome work and Friendly as well 10/10! Love you drawings.


December 10 2018

Amazing artist! Very fast and I absolutely loved the final result. Couldn't ask for more.


December 09 2018

Gora, as always, did it again! Masterpiece!


December 02 2018

Just amazing artist. Comissioned two times already and will definitely keep doing so. Beautiful art and very nice and caring artist ?


December 01 2018

Goora-T is the way to go! What are you waiting for!?


November 26 2018

Amazing artwork, beautiful drawings! Will definitely comission more, it was everything I wanted, perfect ? Great work Gora :D

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