Couple Knee up animeart

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  • $ 30.00 base price
  • 3-5 days per art estimated turnaround
  • 3 / 3 available
Couple Knee up animeart
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 6 clients thus far.

FarEdge describes this slot:

hi.. I'm open commision Knee up with this simple anime style. :) I can turn your photo, fav chara, oc into this art

What I can: oc, fanart, chibi/shota/loli, gore, bl, nsfw. Sfw
Complicated BG and additional chara get more charge by difficulty. Simple BG is free
What you got :
lineart (jpg + png transparent)
Colored (jpg +png transparent)
Size 2000x3000pixel 300dpi
Thank you :) :)


Akb0009 writes:

Very Good artist, always kept me posted with works in progress and was very nice. Would recommend and commission again

ladyhawkca writes:

Amazing artist, who does amazing work! Would definitely recommend. This is my third or fourth time that I have commissioned them.

strawberrymilk writes:

Fast and communication was consistent! Artwork turned out beautiful. Will definitely commission again!

Made sure to update every step of the way. Would recommend

Kanrarara writes:

Another really wonderful experience with this artist! Their work is always incredibly high quality and they are a pleasure to work with. The turnaround time is quick and they keep you updated every step of the way. Highly recommended!!

Kanrarara writes:

A really amazing experience with this artist! Worked very fast and I love the final results. Very high quality, I'd commission again and recommend to everyone!

NessahJones writes:

The artist was very patient with my nit-picking and accommodating for all the details I requested! I'm very very pleased with this artwork - it did take a hot minute but I would consider it worth it!

ladyhawkca writes:

Beautiful work. I am a repeat customer, cannot recommend enough.

ladyhawkca writes:

Extremely satisfied!

ladyhawkca writes:

Great job. Really managed to capture what I was looking for.

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