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Florist theme Art
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Information :

  • I draw characters in florist frame art
  • price is for middle shot/ halfbody
  • fullbody + $50

How to commission :

  • Please make a request commission by clicking commission artist button on the right
  • please describe your request idea and some images references if possible it helps a lot
  • if you had any other else we can discuss first
  • I approve the request, then i will give you sketch first, then you can pay the commission.
  • i will complete your request after payment :)
  • you can make 1 minor revision before i deliver the finished request.
  • Artist n Client wont let me put images in description. for other sample, please visit
    to see my other work
  • Thankyou for read the term, you are awesome!! Good day!

client reviews


August 27 2020

Akevia communicated very well, and the finished products so good even better than expected. I really appreciate all the hard work put into the commissions. A very pleasant experience overall and I'm very happy with the services rendered. :D


July 30 2020

Great and good with communication


July 13 2020

It came out looking amazing. The colors are beautiful, and I am very happy with the way everything came out


July 02 2020

Wonderful artist! Thank you so much.

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.7 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 56 clients thus far.

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