Colored waist-up portrait
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Colored waist-up portrait

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Waist-up portrait with simple shading. The price is per character.
Please check my terms of service - you will find all the necessary info there.If there's anything else you should know, feel free to contact me any time ^__^
The turnaround time maybe increased in case of several characters or a lot of details. Thanks for understanding!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 23 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 29 2020

As always, Vindoweld goes above and beyond and made my commission amazing!!! Thank you so much!!


August 16 2020

Absolutely loved every piece I've got from this artist. Thanks!


August 07 2020

I'm really happy with the final art. Great artist and listened to feedback.


July 16 2020

This is my second time commissioning Vindoweld, as their art just continues to blow me away with how amazing it is!! Thank you!!!


June 01 2020

Perfectly happy with how it came out.


May 19 2020

Vindoweld was nothing short of spectacular! The final piece blew me away, the effort put into it was clearly visible, and all of my little requests were taken on board and worked into the art. Great job Vin, thanks so much!


May 13 2020

Vindoweld was very patient and helpful when working on my piece, even taking the time to ensure each detail was right. I can't recommend them enough!


April 25 2020

I commissioned this art during a pandemic of all times which makes everything 10x harder! But this artists did all they could to provide excellence and that is just what they did! The art is stunning and just what we were looking for. Communication was stuttered at times, but as to be expected due to the time we were in, but all in all, a wonderful artists with amazing skill for details and for characters!


March 15 2020

Absolutely amazing at what they do, would most definitely recommend and commission again.


February 06 2020

10/10 would commission again.

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