High-quality digital fantasy painting
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High-quality digital fantasy painting

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My name is Nikita (male) and I enjoy making realistic fantasy illustrations. I can help you portray your characters and scenes in the most striking and bad-ass manner. I can create full-sized illustrations with rather complex backgrounds and a lot of action taking place. I think I'm equally good with depicting only one or two characters, though :). Complexity depends on the client's ideas, of course, but I always try to deliver the best quality possible. Some info about my workflow:

Sketches on every step of the process
Everything is adjustable and customizable. You will be able to control the direction in which the picture is developing and change\add things and details on the fly.

Estimated turnaround
Depends on the complexity of the painting and on me being busy on my other work (I do some things besides commissions occasionally) but you can expect to have your commission finished in 8-18 days.

You're getting:
High-resolution jpg. file of the finished painting. It's usually no less than 5000x3000px, 300 dpi

More detailed info\examples of previously done commissions could be found at:


Also, don't forget to check my newly launched Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/drizhenko

Due to increasing numbers of people interested, there's a chance now that I won't get back to you right after you messaged me. I'm sorry for that, I try to get back to people right away and reschedule their commissions for a later time If it's possible, but at the same time I become somewhat anxious when I'm rescheduling too many people. There's a limit of work I can do at one time, sooo.. if I'm not responding to you I'm either at my second work or just have got a full plate of a few commissions at once. Bear with me and I hope to see your ideas around. :)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 17 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 01 2019

After another artist failed to deliver results in the time I needed them, I asked Nikita to help me out of a predicament and he rose to the occasion. He took my ideas and turned them into a jaw-dropping professional sketch in just two weeks. He's as professional as he is willing to make tweaks and cover every demand. Friendly, too! Nikita's my first choice in a fantasy artist and I'll commission him again (and again, and again...).


July 24 2019

As always, Nikita is awesome to work with. I wish I could hire him to work for me full-time since he's been getting so busy with everyone wanting commissions from him. The attention is well-deserved since he's worth it. :)


July 11 2019

Excellent collaborator. 10/10


April 23 2019

Again in my 2nd commission the job was very well done and all my wishes have been taken in account and the picture again turned out even better than in my imagination.


April 20 2019

The artist worked really fast and was very pleasant to communicate with through out. He was really patient when fixes needed to be made, and all of them were made exactly according to vision. 10/10 would recommend this artist if I'm not busy re-commissioning them myself.


March 06 2019

As many of the other reviews already indicate Nikita is an exceptionally good artist to commission from. Not just for the quality of his work and the final results, he's responsive, fast, and very accommodating. A real pro who you won't be disappointed in working with.


February 14 2019

Nikita consistently takes my very detailed requests and brings them to life. Amazing work, as usual! Highly recommended.


January 18 2019

A very talented artist with good communication, patience and enthusiasm for the job. Extremely happy with the result! Would definitely recommend.


January 16 2019

Artist was very accommodating, professional, and amazing. He was able to perfectly bring my vision to life with his creative talent. I would highly recommend this artist if you're looking for a Dark Theme piece.


October 16 2018

Nikita has amazing attention to detail and is a perfectionist who continually strives to make the best art even though it is all beautiful. He somehow takes characters straight out of my head and captures them perfectly. Easy and friendly to work with as always, too. I will keep hiring Nikita until he gets sick of me and my ideas. :)

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