full body colored with background

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  • $ 23.00 base price
  • 5 day estimated turnaround
  • 3 / 3 available
full body colored with background
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arttuti describes this slot:

I will draw your character with my drawing style. I will draw it fullbody as your order. you will get an art with fullcolor with a simple background.
thank you, happy drawing ^^


Hammerpriest writes:

The artist had some personal issues which caused a delay on the project but they remained communicative and professional throughout the whole thing. Their constant updates let me know what was going on, preventing me from worrying. Would recommend.

TrinitysEnd writes:

This artist is a good artist in the fact that they can draw well and can draw somewhat what you had in mind, but they do have other issues that make it impossible for me to give a positive review. They left out four specific things I asked for, three of which were main parts of the character. They failed to portray the character's personality, and had to be asked several times to fix it (which they did with only some hesitation). They then, rescinded such corrections and offered a final version with the incorrect personality and had to be prompted to fix it once more. Lastly, but most importantly, this artist does not speak English well at all. I often found myself needing to decipher their words through very poor spelling, wording, and grammar that could lead to many of the issues I had with them. Such as potentially misunderstanding what I had asked for, or assuming the things I asked for were optional. They failed to give an explanation about it, and when asked about it, made no answer. If you are to hire this artist, be very careful with your descriptions and do not assume anything in good faith.

DarkChika writes:

Absolutely incredible, as well as patient and understanding!

drunkkitsune writes:

Excellent experience from start to finish! Artist went above and beyond!

Snailqueen writes:

Very fast to reply, expedient completion of quality work

milesdoes writes:

Very prompt and nice!

DesuGames writes:

Amazing job once again! Love the background and details, very quick work too! Thank you so much!

TakaTime writes:

An absolute pleasure to commission! Please, choose this artist!

Honbad writes:

Worked fast, and was pleasant to deal with.

Kaiyotea writes:

Excellent job, very responsive!

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