Flat colors
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Flat colors

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Lineart with only the flat colors. simple background.

3$ for each additional character.

I will send each step on the commision (sketch, finished line art and coloring) to make sure you are satisfied with the way the commision is going.

Both original and fanart are okay.

I don't have problem drawing animals or anthro.

don't have problem drawing robots/mecha but i need a clear reference with multiples angles of what you want me to draw.

I can also draw nsfw but i have certains limits so just ask me what you want and i'll tell you if i'm okay with it!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 37 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 30 2020

Lovely artist to work with! Really captured the scene I was imagining! :-)


October 18 2020

Brought one of my OCs to life perfectly!


August 03 2020

Great work! Does a wonderful job of incorporating what's needed for a piece!


July 22 2020

The picture looks very nice. The shading is done super well and the characters are cute. Took a while, but with everything going on, it makes sense. The world went haywire.


June 27 2020

Took longer than expected, but the end result was breathtaking, even though they were working with vague descriptions.


June 15 2020

The artist was incredibly attentive to detail, was able to go through various different changes to achieve my desired piece, fantastic artist!


June 01 2020

Took a bit of time, but well worth the wait!


May 25 2020

artist does an amazing job! would recommend!!


March 06 2020

An absolutely fantastic person to work with who works relatively quick, provides sketches as they progress and their friendly attitude certainly adds to it! Highly recommended.


January 26 2020

An absolute pleasure to work with :D Super super happy with the finished product!

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