Headshot / Portrait
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Headshot / Portrait

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  • Headshot/Portrait with simple background.
  • jpg/png A4 300dpi or can be changed as requested!.
  • Send me the photo reference that you want drawn.
  • I can't read minds so please try to explain what you need the best way you can. :)
  • Additional character $40 for portrait and $65 for half body.
  • Complexity $5 - $50 Detailed Armor, Detailed Cloth, Accessories.

  • For half body the price will be increased to $70.

  • For half body NSFW the price will be increased to $80.

    (I will start drawing only after payment - status ''paid'')

If you like my work, don't forget to share to your friends. Thank you very much! :)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 124 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 19 2020



March 14 2020

Extremely talented at drawing armour, revisions are quick and precise to what was asked.


March 09 2020

Very well made and precisely to what I wanted for the character in mind.


March 08 2020

Friendly, and professional. Delivered a very high product once again!


February 12 2020

An amazing artist who helps pull my ideas forth to beautiful illustrations. They reply quickly, revisions are done swiftly with great detail.


February 09 2020

Absolutely phenomenal artist! Working together with Jokosun on bringing my character to live in a commission was fantastic, as every direction that I asked for was followed and any revisions were swiftly made. It simply was a 10/10 experience and I can highly recommend Jokosun as an artist with all my heart!


February 03 2020

Jokosun did an exceptional job with the commission, even when I did mess up what I exactly wanted. Would definitely recommend Jokosun, and would hire them again for another commission.


January 28 2020

Incredible work, receptive to changes, and works quickly. Masterfully done!


January 27 2020

Helpful in drawing out inspiration and ideas for art, fast, professional, and extremely talented. They are thorough and easy to work with. I absolutely recommend commissioning Jokosun.


January 26 2020

Artist was very very easy to work with, never had a major issue and revisions were easily done within the day or two they had given. Would definitely recommend and I will definitely be going back to! <3

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  • Painting half/full body with background
    Painting half/full body with background
    Closed 3

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