Watercolor Half Body
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Watercolor Half Body

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Half body colored commission, made with watercolours.

Additional character: +50%

Background: +5-20€ depending on its complexity

Simple background: free

I can draw: OCs, Fanart, Custom designs, Humans/humanoids with animal features (ears, horns, wings, tails, etc.), Romance

I will not draw: Anything NSFW, Furries, Vehicles/mecha

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 4 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 07 2020

The finished piece is unbelievably beautiful and they are so pleasant to work with.


September 06 2020

Amazing and sweet artist! No complaints, just be patient!


May 10 2020

ShinCheshire took the references I gave them and made my request become a reality. They were quick, professional and polite! I would highly recommend commissioning them!


February 08 2020

The artist is very communicative and detail oriented. Patient and extremely talented. I would highly recommend commissioning them.


January 25 2020

Loved the art and will for sure be back for more. Wonderful timing and amazing to get along with.


January 01 2020

Drawing was completed on time and looked great.


December 16 2019

Excellent work and a quick response time!


November 26 2019

Absolutely gorgeous work and a pleasure to work with. I highly suggest getting a commission to them of you can!


November 25 2019

This turned out so amazing! I am beyond pleased (and I may also have shed a tear or two at how well they portrayed my character!)


August 14 2019

First ever commission i’ve got and I was not disappointed. Very talented and understanding of what I wanted. Will definitely be back!

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