Colored Bust Shot
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Colored Bust Shot

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1 Colored character bust shot illustration with simple background or no background

1. Canvas size will be 2000x2000 px 300dpi in JPG or PNG if not specified
2. Head angle and expression may vary if not specified
3. +$3 for simple background accessories (like flowers, plants, etc as seen in the sample pictures)
4. +$6 per additional character
5. +$5 for detailed background

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 21 2020

Literally the most beautiful piece of art, and they worked SO fast and I'm just through the roof happy with my art! I'm 100% commissioning them again and I ABSOLUTELY think you should commission them too! I cannot stress JUST how happy I am!


September 30 2019

Works VERY fast, had everything done just right and finished in a shorter window of time than I usually expect most other artists to send the first draft.


August 05 2019

Quick work, high quality, kind artist! ?


June 14 2019

A wonderful artist who was friendly, easy to work with, and made the process simple and easy to follow. I loved the piece I received, and I would absolutely recommend them!


April 23 2019

Great artist and artwork!


December 27 2018

The artist was so helpful and receptive! It has been a pleasant experience and I definitely recommend that you commission them !


June 01 2018

I am beyond thrilled and just floored at how amazing this experience was for me. It's like I was working with a mind reader that knew exactly what I was looking for and then took exceptional detail in making sure that they were mind reading to the fullest extent. Honestly I could not be happier with the work or the artist. This experience was beyond anything I had expected. COMMISSION THIS ARTIST.


February 24 2018

Second time I've commissioned this artist, and they did a great job! Highly recommend.


February 19 2018

I am so pleased with this artist and the art I received! Very fast, checked in with me on details, and either did research on their own or somehow read my mind because they got character details I didn't even include in the references. Fantastic experience overall, would absolutely recommend to others and commission again. I love the drawing style too.

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