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This is a commission slot. You can hire PandaMadu to create a personalized artwork of this sort here.

  • $ 30.00 base price
  • 5 - 7 days estimated turnaround time
  • 5 / 5 available
Full Colored Head Shot Icon
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 83 clients thus far.

PandaMadu describes this slot:

Head shot type
Additional Charges :

-Add a Character in one canvas (limit 3 characters) : + 9$
*Special Note : Adding another character on different canvas charged as normal price.

I can draw:

Male, Female, Original & Fanart, Antromorphic

I do not draw :

NSFW, Adult content

Fullbody type
Price start from $36
Additional Charges :

-Add a Character : +$18
-Complicated character details (ex. heavy armor) : +$10
-Add a complicated items/background : +$20
-Ask me to styling the clothes for your OCs : +$5
-Simple Color Background : Free

I can draw:

Male, Female, Original & Fanart, Antromorphic, couple shot, BL:/GL, light skinship like kissing and hugging still ok (But please keep the rating PG-15)

I do not draw :

NSFW, Gore/violence, R-18 Stuffs/adult content

For settling a commission, you have to properly list down your information request like this :

  1. Description of the character/person you want me to draw

  2. Image references of the character/person you want me to draw (If it's possible, please give me the highest resolution image references you could provided).

  3. Specific pose and expression you wanted (You may also leave it to me)

  4. Preference for the Background, detailed Background, simple colored/white/transparent.

  5. The type of the canvas (Square, Portrait, or Landscape) Otherwise I'll choose the canvas orientation myself.

For the results I'll give you a 300dpi resolution with A4 size as standard

The commissions are for personal use Only


Dysypear writes:

Always a positive experience with this artist. Kept me up to date with their schedule, would recommend.

MidiBless writes:

Communicative and willing to work with me on creating a design I loved. Thank you so much for everything! Sweet artist, 10/10, do recommend.

LadyCordelia writes:

Very high quality work. Would recommend to anyone looking for great work.

Roh writes:

Amazing artist delivered exactly what I wanted!

kyousukeshii writes:

Great work

Polynometal writes:


Elenirso writes:

I am so happy with the final result it looks so beautiful. As others have said she took my description and was able to interpret what I wanted. I recommend this artist.

eldersnake writes:

Very good to work with, took my description and references and knew exactly what to do, and very well priced for the quality. Highly recommend!

XSilentJoe writes:

Outstanding work! :D

critkit writes:

Great work, easy to work with!

Commission artist
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