Colored waist up of any character.
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Colored waist up of any character.

  • •Every artwork will be completely colored and shaded, unless you otherwise specify
  • •Any pose (Nothing extremely lewd, please) --
    •Any character, can be an OC or fanart
  • •Two-character art can be made, charging by character and amount of body showing, but try to stick to simple poses, for this.
  • •One-character art can have as detailed of a pose as you want it to be
  • •Make sure to dm me all of your specifications, including the pose, facial expression, reference photos of your OC or character, as well as any personal requests or specifications.
    -- •Payments must be already processed before I will send you your art (it only takes a few minutes for everything to transfer)
  • •If you have any other types of payment, we can discuss it -
    •Props, masks, weapons, wings, etc. are all considered part of the character, and the difficulty will not affect the price in any way. --
    •Genderbent characters can be made. --
    •I am fine with drawing boy x boy and girl x girl ships if you are requesting two character art. --
    •No furries. --
    •If you are requesting fanart, be sure to tell me the full name of the character so that I can find more references if needed.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

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