Cell-Shaded Portraits

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  • $ 35.00 base price
  • 2-3 Days estimated turnaround time
  • Currently Unavailable
Cell-Shaded Portraits
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.6 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 14 clients thus far.

ElveraBasilisk describes this slot:

Fantasy/anime based portraits!

Prices are subject to complexity of pose, background, and how much of the body is visible.


Mayo88m writes:

Nailed it!

Celes writes:

If you're looking for a Lord of the Rings aesthetic for character designs, look no further. Elvera draws exquisite elves that look like they've stepped out of Middle Earth.

Celes writes:

Elvera is, as always, amazing to commission. She goes above and beyond and delivers incredible art in a short period of time.

Celes writes:

Elvera is an incredible artist. She's sweet and friendly, and delivers an amazingly high quality product every time. Whether she's drawing from reference or coming up with a design on her own, I highly recommend commissioning Elvera! She's particularly amazing at a Lord of the Rings-esque aesthetic.

gestahlt writes:

Every piece I've received from Elvera has been of exceptional quality and with endearing professionalism.

Liandri writes:

Absolutely amazing! Would definitely recommend.

Celes writes:

Absolutely perfect, again. I can't recommend Elvera enough!!

Celes writes:

This was an amazing experience. Elvera captured what I had in mind precisely, and drew it amazingly. They were enthusiastic, friendly, and just such a joy to work with. I'll DEFINITELY be back, and frequently! Thank you!

Tierra-Esperada writes:

Very communicative, prompt and sweet. Very happy with the work I received. thank you Elvera!

Ethanlawer0987 writes:

Elverabasilisk is a great artist very patience with requests' and produces great work i highly recommend using this artist.

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