SALE! Digital colored portrait sketch
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SALE! Digital colored portrait sketch

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SALE! First thirty people will get a discount :D (3\30 left)

Digital colored portrait sketch with simple background.

Additional characters + 9$ each
Half body + 7$
Full body + 14$

From you I need as many references as possible or/and detailed description.

It could be fanart, original character, real person, NSFW and other :D

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 239 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 08 2020

Fantastic work as always, very open to modification and feedback as well! This is my second piece from Taka and as always I'm blown away by how fast and good their work is! Would highly recommend!


November 04 2020

Amazing work as always, I would buy and support from Taka nonstop. It took a little longer and was totally worth it because it turned out perfect, it was gorgeous.


October 30 2020

great communication, super fast and the outcome is amazing ?


October 27 2020

They were very understanding and kind ! I recommend !


October 26 2020

Very easy to work with and produced a great result!


October 23 2020

A wonderful experience as always! This artist is fantastic to work with and always delivers a wonderful quality of artwork!


October 22 2020

Takacukasa worked so fast and was very friendly and helpful with what she needed form me and the little changes I needed made. The piece turned out beautifully and I full recommend getting art from them!


October 21 2020

I love Taka, she's the best!!! <3


October 19 2020

Takacukasa's art is amazing, as usual. I saw their art from another friend and was inspired to implore their services and am glad I did. Very quick, communicative!


October 14 2020

Takacukasa does everything in order to bring your character to life. From tiny to large changes due to an idea popping up, the artist will work with you! Such a kind and wonderful person to work with! <3

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