Digital colored half-body portrait
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Digital colored half-body portrait

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For those who order commissions from me before, 15% discount :)

Digital colored half-body portrait with simple background.

It could be fanart, original character, real person, NSFW.

From you I need as many references as possible or/and detailed description.

Additional characters +21$ each,
Complicated background +15-20$.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 31 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 24 2020

Loved working with them! Excellent art, great communication skills, and all around just a pleasure to work with. Definitely coming back for another commission in the future.


February 17 2020

Loved working with her! She's very professional and draws very good and fast and asks also for feedback so she can draw precisely what you want!


February 17 2020

Love their art! They replied fast, were polite and the result was exactly what I imagined! I can only recommend them!


February 17 2020

Would definitely recommend this artist! She's very friendly and her work is always high quality!


February 17 2020

Very nice, talented and quick artist :)


January 19 2020

As always, it is a real pleasure to work with Takacukasa. The work is purely amazing and the artist is really kind and listening. So if you hesitate, don't, and go for it!


January 15 2020

An excellent artist with fine communication skills!


January 15 2020

I have never had a complaint about the skill or work ethic of this artist. The turnaround is remarkably quick, the artwork is always high quality, and she frankly undercharges - so leave her a tip! Cannot recommend highly enough. ^.^


January 07 2020

So quick, so easy. Definitely coming back! Such beautiful work! <3


January 06 2020

Absolute pleasure to work with! I will be definitely returning for more!

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