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-Base price is for 1 character.

-Prices may vary depending on complexity.

-Please, try to provide visual references (if possible)

Regarding corrections: Any alterations or additions to a piece must be discussed and applied before lineart phase, any further changes after it's been finished will be taken as additional costs (which may vary depending on the complexity of the change itself).

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.0 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 162 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 15 2020

Energetic, kind, and very happy to work with you to get you top quality results. Loved dealing with them!


September 13 2020

Wonderful to work with! Attentive to detail and very fast on delivery!


September 01 2020

Loved the work!~ very professional!~


August 26 2020

Very fast and friendly person! Would definitely recommend the person. ^^


August 22 2020

Great communication and step-by-step progress to make sure the end result is absolutely perfect!


August 19 2020

Dokinana has been a commissioned artist for me for years now and never once have I been anything but completely happy with her work. There are characters of mine whom I'd only ever ask her to portray. I could not possibly recommend her more.


August 15 2020

Artist was very quick and great to work with. I highly suggest working with them because they deliver with exceptional detail and expresses interests in their work and express emotion of character through art quite well. ^^


August 07 2020

Handled everything well and answered all questions for me as they came up one of the better exchanges and commissions I've work with an artist on.


August 04 2020

I'll keep on coming back for more, favorite artist that delivers the best for what I ask for. Wonderful and nice person


August 03 2020

Absolutely no complaints. Friendly, understanding, even went as far as to provide examples of colors and such when I wasn't sure on things myself, and was receptive to me asking for a specific coloring when I wasn't initially satisfied. I would 100% commission again.

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