Art Nouveau
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Art Nouveau

I will draw a custom portrait of you or a loved one in Art Nouveau style.
Art nouveau it's a style that founded by Alphonse Mucha, in 18th century.
i will turn your photograph, or anything you want to draw, original character etc, to be Nouveau Art style. and i will try hard to keep authentic Nouveau.


The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 14 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 27 2019

While it got there in the end, the six months it took, the lack of communication and the experience as a whole, is not one I'd ever want to do again. Nothing was personalized. The tracing of promotional pictures in the earlier work was extremely obvious. Even the final product wasn't what I hoped it would be but honestly, I got tired of the constant back and forth. Based on other work I'd say a talented artist but don't open commissions unless time can be allocated to do the commission as requested in the time period quoted. Really disappointed.


June 02 2019

Shinta was lovely to work with and happy to make changes as requested. The process took about two months to complete, but the final piece is worth the wait!


March 25 2019

The final product looked amazing! I was happy with what I got!


December 11 2018

Shinta did such a amazing job on my commission. They were able to take the images I provided as inspiration and create a amazing individual piece of art. I can not wait to use this for my character. The only thing I will say is they do take a bit longer then estimated, but it's worth the wait and didn't take that long. Thank you again, I will happily direct others to you in the future and use again!


November 05 2018

I absolutely love shinta’s work! They took my character and made her perfectly! If you’re looking for something unique and high quality, look no further than this artist.


August 25 2018

Absolutely beautiful artwork. Worked with me the whole way. The only negative thing I have to say is that they took longer than expected. They weren't able to meet self-appointed deadlines, but I'm more than happy to overlook it because the art I received was amazing. More than likely I will probably recommission this artist!


August 17 2018

Great service!


July 24 2018

thank you! took a long time but very nice


June 26 2018

Great artist to work with. Thank again.


May 12 2018

Really nice art! Made with my exact instructions. He outdid himself in making my vision come alive!

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