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Piyu Piyu Weirdoodl

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General information:

  • Spain
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Verified artist
  • Response time: 4.6 days

On Vacation From 24th August -> 31st! Slots closed until Im back. If you see the character sheet closed and the other ones open feel free to send me a message to check the real status of the slot and to see when will it be open. Thank you so much for your patience and support!!

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November 2016 - I got some messages asking if I was doing commissions. Yes! They are open! If you see the status in red unless it says "closed" it means they are sold out but open! :D About the Character sheet slot, it is open but probably taken. Feel free to send me a private message asking about how its progressing/when will it be open. Thanks!!

Also thanks for your support and messages!

Oct 2015 - Im back but restricted the slots to 1 per type of comish. I have a lot less time to make commissions than before, but I cant wait to start drawing again! Thanks for the support and messages.

Sorry for the lack of updates and replies. I had a tough year with lots of personal problems and loads of work. I had to stop drawing for a while because of everything, but Im back trying to learn and improve now that I feel a lot better. Sorry for all the inconveniences, and thanks for all the support!

¡Hola! I'm a spaniard student who loves drawing almost all kind of things.

  • I usually enjoy drawing cute stuff, anime/manga style, cars, machines and weapons of all kinds.

  • I dont like drawing R18 things or very mature things.

  • Furries/anthro are fine if they are on the cute side, just not really mature stuff.

Thanks for visiting my profile. ¡Gracias!

For more samples, steps I follow and other kind of commissions/styles, please visit the links below :D ♥

Commission slots:

  • Headshot bro!
    Headshot bro!
    Closed 95
  • Character Sheet!
    Character Sheet!
    Sold out 60
  • Colored half-body!
    Colored half-body!
    Closed 33
  • Full color Chibi!
    Full color Chibi!
    Sold out 21