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Hello, my name is Lady and I am an art enthusiast! I have been collecting art since about 2005, when I was in 7th grade. I am old enough for NSFW art, but most likely I will not order it. I have a lot of various OCs that range from randomly inspired, inspired from relationships, or characters that I play in a TTRPG. I am a nerd and I love nerd talk~

There are certain conditions that I look for when it comes to me ordering from someone, and they go as followed:
* You must have some sort of link to a portfolio somewhere, in your slots or in your profile. I want to make sure that you do as your samples provide, if you do not have it and I'm truly interested, I will message and ask for one.
* I require a sketch, a simple, watermarked sketch before I click paid. I want to know that you have actually begun the artistic process on my art and will only hit complete when someone has finished the commission. If the art is a sketch, I want you to tell me when you start and the ETA of it, so I can keep track of it. I will have a reference list below from the people I commissioned for them to tell others how I was during the transaction period.
* I want good communication. If something comes up, tell me. I think of myself as a really patient person and if you need someone to talk to, I have your back.
* You must be open to revisions. So far the max of revisions I have asked for is one, and it was a minor one at that. I accept all art styles and I like quirks, but sometimes certain things are very important when it comes to a picture of mine.

I frequently go back to artists that I like and I will always give an in-depth rating if I commission you.


Aoimissesyou writes:

Ladyofknives is a great client. She communicates very well. She provides good references and details to the artist. She’s open to discussions. I was glad to have her as my client. ????

AliceShmul writes:

It was a very interesting order and a pleasure to work with this client.)

Himwi writes:

LadyofKnives is a great client. I felt happy when she praised my work. and i'm happy too when i know she commission me again. I was glad to have client like her ^^

smdart10 writes:

Clients who are very patient, easy to communicate, explain the commission in detail,and fast in paying. Thank you so much^^