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Indeart RJ Derby

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General information:

  • Australia
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Born in Australia in 1979, I learned from an early age that I could leave behind the pains and sufferings of my reality by entering into the world of my imagination. After many years of soul searching, I decided to begin showcasing my artwork to the world. I am a digital artist, photographer, tattoo designer, writer, and a thinker. My style of art has been received with both criticism and praise. Some have stated my work can be “*confronting but exciting*” at the same time. Most pieces are drawn from my life experiences, and each tells its story of happiness, sadness and belief. But as I tell people, it’s never about what I can see when I create my art - what stirs inside my mind at the time of creation and what ends up lying on the canvas are small matters compared to what the viewer sees, and what stirs within them. My Personal Guarantee To You
Unlike other digital artists, I do NOT use programs that add filters into the finished piece of art. Every piece of artwork created by Indestructible-Art.com is hand sketched first before digitally painted using custom made digital brushes, giving the finished piece the distinct and unique appearance that is my style. With this in mind, you can sit back, relax and know that the finished piece is 100% authentically digitally painted and not just a piece with added filters.

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