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Comic book artist and illustrator.
Dark horror artist with a hint of high fantasy, post Apocalypse and dark science fiction about the rot and filth of humanity and the insanity of just being human. But when I don´t, I also like to full color OCs and fanarts at the side and imagine the immense "what-ifs" and "Let´s try" which sometimes let a tear fall down my face.

I am open for suggestions so let me know. I´ll tell ya if it´s too complex to complete. NSFW are welcomed, depending what we have agreed on. Just let me know if, don´t be shy.

When all is approved by full payments, I will do my best to keep you updated of the work via emails and/ messages. Minor changes and edits are free of charge, but if it is a larger changes, chances are you would have to pay extra charges.

Now what are you waiting for, let me know if you are interested.

*Let me know if you want to send the commissioned work as print with signature and personal "thank you" doodles. Again I will charge you for print work and the postal charges.

*Send me as many references, or better a "stick figure doodle/sketches" as this would help me sketch out the work better.

*There is never any stupid questions, always ask as I will do too.

Have a nice and allergy-free day,


  • Detailed line art with full body
  • Detailed Sketch art

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