Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome all styles and themes, be it realistic, Eastern, you name it. If you don't see it on the site, it doesn't mean we don't welcome it (unless it contradicts our terms of service, of course).
As tips for artist, only start the job when the status of the commission is paid.
The site is not responsible for any unpaid commissions by the client. Artists&Clients acts as an intermediary platform between the artist and the client. We only facilitate with problems in the best of our abilities to ensure a smooth transaction within our website.
We only transfer money through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account registered in the system, then your registered email address will be set as your Paypal email address by default.
Note: You can change your Paypal email address under account settings.
We support both Credit Card and Paypal for payments. For payouts, we only support Paypal.
Your payment method will be verified once you have completed your first payment.
You will receive the payment as soon as the job is marked as completed. If the client is extremely irresponsive you have the option to cancel the job and immediately protest the refund. We will take a look at the case and rule it out.
Yes. You can negotiate with the artist on how to receive the tip. This benefits the artist to receive the whole amount of the tip.
Admin has the right to consider it done after two weeks of non completion from client's end.
Refunds are only applicable for those jobs that are not yet marked as completed. Marking the job as completed means that you are fully satisfied with the artwork provided and that you are already releasing the payment to the artist.
Contact support and provide the Job ID together with the new price. If it's urgent, you can cancel the job and open a new one.
Gift codes can only be redeemed on a different account. It cannot be redeemed on the same account it was purchased on.
The fee (that you see pre-calculated when you create or edit a commission slot) is substracted from the client's payment when the job completes and you receive the money. You will see it as a separate record in the transactions. The final amount that you receive, will be minus the Paypal fees.
Generally speaking, a commission slot is for a specific job only, and not for reselling unless mutually agreed in writing, by both artist and client. The artist retains full copyright of the artwork created.
You can draw anything you want, including adult content, between you and your client. But the public sample images should be safe for work. If your samples are not safe for work, please tag your slot "nsfw" (short for "Not Safe for Work"), and the sample image will be blacked out in the search results.
We allow 3 revisions ( Revisions only not additions)
- Additions are allowed but this is upon artist's discretion
Yes, file size should not exceed 5mb.
Use descriptive, not very specific tags. The more people would naturally use a tag like yours, the more chances you have to be discovered. Try to describe the style or use-cases: e.g. "colored", "chibi", "commerical", "comic" or "pin-up".
It is a number calculated from the artist's (and the given slot's) previous commission jobs, and how (positively or negatively) they were rated by the clients in the past. More positive ratings bring the results to the top.
No. Only clients can mark something as completed. (The artists can however watermark images automatically, which will then be automatically unlocked as soon as the client marks the job as completed. The two sides are fairly balanced that way).
To be a verified artist, all you need is to successfully complete a commission by a client and get a positive rating. After that, all future submissions will be auto-verified.
We normally check slots within 24-48 hours.The only reason it wont show is if there's a problem with the thumbnail you uploaded.
Never make payments outside of A&C (we've had reports of clients getting bad experiences if they use 3rd party channels).
If the client already paid for the commission, the status of the job will be set to 'paid'.
You can cancel the job anytime before it is completed. If you have already paid, the money will be added to your on-site balance in 7 days unless the artist either approves the refund quicker or protests it, in which case the staff will deal with it. Upon a refund you could then either use the balance to pay for a different commission, or choose to withdraw the money back to your PayPal account.
The staff will help you. You can contact us via Twitter and Facebook or send us an email at
Yes and no. We cannot guarantee you leads, but we try our best to increase your productivity by simplifying the process and adding layers of security. There are of course chances that you will be discovered through the site by people that haven't known you before, but you still need to engage in self-promotion to make the best of it - that is, linking to your profile, and announcing your new commission slots and finished commissions.
Admin has the right to completely remove the artwork from the site. Please note that, putting NSFW in the title does not automatically filter the NSFW artwork. It needs to be tagged properly, failure to do so will result to removal of artwork completely.
If you are decided to have your account deleted, you can go to settings and click on ‘proceed to account deletion’.