For the past years, We have been unable to fully implement the 15% commission fee due to our old system being capped at a maximum of $10 fee. We have also been shouldering the International transactions fees from payment processors and Paypal fees for withdrawal requests. This caused A&C to underperform and unsustainable long-term.

Today, We have made the proper changes to correct the payment system that we currently have. We have also included in your transaction history the breakdown of fees for better comprehension and transparency.

This example is for a $100 job commission.
(This is only an example and may vary depending on the price of job commission.)

A&C charges 15% and 2% Paypal withdrawal Fee.

Commission Price - $100


International Fee - 4.4% (4.4 USD)

100 (Commission Price)

A&C Commission - 15% (15 USD)

- 4.4 (International Fee)

Artist's Payout - 80.6 USD

- 15 (A&C Fee)

Withdrawal fee: 80.6 * 2% = (1.61 USD)

= 80.6 (less 2% withdrawal processing fee)


Artist net $ 78.99

Feel free to send an email to for any questions!

Thank you for your continued support!