Watching Dragon Ball Z

by A&C member : NICOTINE

I always have interest on drawing from elementary school ever since i started watching Dragon Ball Z but only doing a little scribble on corner of my book. My peak interest and passion to drawing when I discover moe culture from anime K-on on my 2nd year on high school then I pick a lot tutorial on youtube and spent some money on artbook and finally bought my first tablet a year later.

One of the challenges I have encountered is probably the competition, I kept comparing myself to other artists and I am too lazy to learn new things. It stumbled upon me the thought to quit because I'm not as good as them and view my own art with no value. Thanks to several friends of mine keep encourage me to continue and I'm really grateful that I am not giving up on drawing.

The best experience I had was probably when someone is asking for commission for the first time, It really surprises me when someone is interested with my artwork because they like it. When a job commission is done I honestly think it was dream to make money from my hobby since I'm still at highschool when I finished my first commission. A friend retweeted and asked I should tried to put my profile on it although I was discouraged at first, I still went through with it and here I am, 2 years and counting.

I'm extremely grateful for A&C for providing such great services that anyone could benefit from. I only encountered 1 problem in those 2 years and support team solved it within minutes. I hope you will keep on improving your relationship with artists like us. Thank you for your amazing work and fast response!