The Famous Challenge

by A&C member : LESHIYEART

Being an artist is a challenge. I cannot say that's the most relaxing job on the planet, or that's easy. It's definitely not. As for every kind of artisan work, it requires years of studies and exercises.

Sometimes, you will just want to throw away everything. Your whole body hurts and you'll just want to cry.

Sometimes, you will love what you did. You'll be filled with happiness.

Sometimes, your legs will shake and you will think: "Am I really good enough to be called an artist? Or am I wasting my time?"

All of these "sometimes" are part of that famous challenge. Think about the artist's path as a puzzle, and the "sometimes" as its pieces. Some pieces will be easy to find and connect, some will be a pain on the back! But at the end, you will connect all the pieces.

I honestly don't know when I wanted to start this puzzle. I liked to draw when I was a child. I failed many, many times and I felt horrible when, years and years later, one of my teachers at a comic school hinted me that it wasn't the place for me. At the same time, I discovered the 3D world.

After eight years spent with 3D software, I finally had the courage to start to draw seriously. I felt more self confident, because I saw all the improvements I did during the years with my 3D artworks. I thought that would be the same even for drawings and paintings, and it was true. Now I mix 3D and digital painting. I know that I am still not very good, but I'm learning, and I don't have to blame myself because I am not perfect. I think there's always something new to learn and this makes me curious about everything!

Well, I think the most important challenge I have encountered was the fact to decide if I really wanted to make this as a job.

It's a risk. Of course, working in an office, as an employee, give you the certainty that you will gain a certain amount of money at the end of the month. Working as a freelancer, at least for me now, as beginner... is scary.

But I really wanted to make this as my main job. So... I took the hardest decision in my life and I left the university for a graphic design school, which I will start in November. In the meantime, I'm working here on Artist & Clients, I follow drawing courses online, I do 3D promos for other artists. Sometimes I ask myself if it's the right choice, but I know that art is my only true way to express myself, and this is enough.

I'm still learning, so I don't have very significant experiences as an artist, but I did a cover of a book which is now sold on a famous e-commerce site. I won some contests, I also had an interview as an artist. These are other pieces of that famous puzzle, and they made me really, really happy! I hope to have new, beautiful experiences soon!

I heard about Artistsnclients on a Facebook group for digital artists and I found it very interesting. The customer service was very kind to reply to all my questions, so, after that, I decided to create a profile as an artist, and for now I'm really satisfied. I hope to be able to open drawing slots one day, but for now I will make people happy with my 3D renders. I suggest to use that platform not only because it's easy to understand, but also because there's a ToS box which is very important for both artist and client's rights.

Thanks for giving me the chance to tell my story!