Simple Vector Anime Character

by A&C member : DYINGSTAR

I have always dreamed of being an artist one day though I wasn't always sure what that meant. At the time it was me simply drawing silly sketches of dangly figures and out of place anatomy. It was only after I discovered digital art that I truly knew what I wanted to achieve. That dream was to be able to put on paper(or rather a screen) what I had in my head, and to help others realize their creative dreams.

Starting was not easy at first. I had started a small slot on Artists&Clients for a simple vector anime character. To me, my artwork was horrendous, to say the least. But surprisingly enough, people commissioned me! Was it pity or kindness? I couldn't tell. But that is what started me on this journey forward. Of course, other challenges arose with being a digital artist, such as having your entire motherboard blow on you. But at that time I was regularly drawing and I could afford to buy myself a new motherboard which was the first-ever PC component I bought for myself! It was truly invigorating.

I discovered Artists&Clients on a message board in 2017. At first, I was skeptical. But that didn't last when I saw the layout of the site and the way they were truly helpful. Whenever I messaged them they were always quick to respond and very helpful. Payment processing has never been an issue. It was absolute luck that I stumbled upon such a safe site. If I could (Which I have tried) I would recommend this to any artist, no matter your level of expertise. If it had not been for Artists&Clients I wouldn't have improved as much as I have. Thank you!