My Life As An Artist

by A&C member : LOVEEDREAMS

I’m Loveedreams and I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

I have been drawing all my life, creating characters and stories. Drawing is a part of my life and a part of me. I always knew this but… I had no confidence in myself and in my skills to consider working with my art. Although, deep inside of me, I wanted it with all my heart.

With time, I started to follow many artists on internet admiring their work and I also started to meet other artists in conventions. Talking to them, seeing how much they work hard on their passion. It started to motivate me. “What if I try it?” I thought, but I was still insecure. I started to learn and gradually, with the passing of the months and years, I realized that I was thinking: “Oh my god, I love drawing so much and I want to keep making this all my life”. I can be drawing all day and my soul can’t feel more full. I wanted to keep feeling this way. Maybe… Could I keep feeling this way all my days? That’s when I realized, I wanted to become an artist and live with this.

I knew it was not going to be easy, I was still afraid. But I realized that I was more afraid of not being able to feel this happiness because of my fears… I couldn’t accept not doing what I really want just because I was afraid to try it. I remember I dreamed a lot with the idea of working with my art. It was a feeling I had every single day. It always felt just as an illusion but… one day, I decided to take a step and I became a freelancer. I was so scared at the beginning with my first commission! “I have to organise, I have to draw well, I have to… I have to…!”. 

Then with the time, I saw that, as I was doing what I love, I don’t have to be afraid because doing this things feels really natural. I enjoy working on slot commissions and it’s difficult when you start, but it’s important to have patience. With time and effort, things start to happen. I know it’s sounds like a typical phrase, I used to read that phrase a lot. But is totally true! My everyday is a challenge. It’s not easy and I’m always afraid in some way. “Could I keep my work?” “Could I improve?”. 

I understood it’s totally normal to have those feelings and that, if you see them in a positive way, being afraid or frustrated, it’s a sign that you really want to do that thing that makes you feel that way. So you just have to try it. If you are doing what you love, you can face the challenges because the desire of working on your passion is more strong than everything.

Working all day in a drawing, making what you love, putting your heart and soul on it and knowing that with that draw you can give someone else a smile, it’s an incredible feeling. Drawing makes me smile, and knowing I can make another person happy is an amazing experience!

I found Artists&Clients by a recommendation of other artists and I decided to try it. And I’m very happy I did it! It helped me a lot to organize my work and with that, my time. A very special thing in a freelancer life! The interface is so clear and easy to work with. Thanks to ANC I can have my work more organized and I can focus more time on creating my art. I really enjoy working on this site and how they encourage artists!

Reading this kind of things, helped me a lot in the past, so if sharing my experiences can help someone else, I will be very happy! Thank you so much ANC for this site and this opportunity! It’s really nice to have this place where both artists and clients can connect and share what they love!