My Golden Days As An Artist

by A&C member : STMADUJAHE

To be honest my part would be depressing as heck but I will try my best to not make it too emo, anyway you are not obliged to include this for newer artists to see, as it possibly could dissuade them instead of motivating.

Personally if you were to ask me during my "golden" days (where I was still passionate on making artworks), the answers I'm giving would be different than I currently have right now, because now my light has dimmed.

It didn't came as a desire before but drawing was my only sole escapade from my rough childhood life--and before I realized--I was an artist. Life as an artist is rough, especially when your parents don't understand the path you choose and due to the fierce competition there is in artist worlds, not to mention the pressure of not having a "real job", is what I keep experiencing when I see my old schoolmates working somewhere as someone who's visibly improving the world.

Seeing other people who do better stuff than you usually would make you feel disheartened. It's no exception in my case, I was constantly pushing myself to improve, to be acknowledged by others, to be seen, to be heard.

Then as you grow an artist, you will realize that there is no use envying on other people. You can use envy as a fuel to improve, but it is basically a double edged sword, because if you keep pushing yourself to improve with only striving to be better in mind, you might not enjoy the process of making your craft and thus, leading to a burnout.

It's what happened to me at least. I've learned to not look at others after burnouts after burnouts. Really, prevent yourself from comparing. Sometimes it can't be helped, but if you have the will, you can avoid bringing yourself down. Look at yourself, and appreciate what you currently could achieve. Take your time to master your craft and enjoy every single moment.

Being an artist is both a world of sorrow and fulfillment for me, I have met the worst to the best people in my entire life because I am an artist. I have something to live for because I am an artist. I kept living because I am an artist.

Most importantly, I have met lots of wonderful clients through ArtistsnClients, because I am an artist.

I never thought AnC could become quite a huge part of my worktable, I've only heard about this website from a friend at first and made an account just for the sake of getting clients firsthand--but I've come this far on this website. Even though there are some changes that I find unfair here, I still use this website to some extent. I hope AnC keeps improving in the future, and all the best for all artists out there pursuing their path.