My Dream Profession

by A&C member : ALICESHMUL

I wanted to be an artist since childhood. I was sure that I want to work in this sphere and become famous one day. But my life turned a little bit different and despite art school and professional artistic education I choose to enter the university on graphic design program. Actually, I thought that it's something similar to illustration but I was so wrong!)

Nevertheless I graduated and after that worked several years as a designer but it was not a dream profession.

I decided to change my life and found some digital art courses that helped me to improve my skills and stop being afraid to show people my works.

And now I'm drawing every day and I'm so happy to be an artist and progress in what I am doing!)

The most terrible challenge for practically every person start doing art is to love your work and value them even if they are not as perfect as you want them to be.

I hated everything I've done but "practice makes progress"! It really does! One day I just looked back at the beginning and understood how much work I have done and how good my art is now!

You just need patience and believe in yourself.

The most significant experience I've had working on my own project. I am passionate about comics and want to create one by myself but I was sure that my skill is not good enough for this kind of work. But once I started doing the sketches and the lines I understood that I can do amazing things!

I didn't have any experience in working with big game companies or with publishers as an illustrator but I think one day I will :D

I found A&C when I was searching for a place to work with people who needs commission art. I was desperate because no one wanted to hire me 'cause the skill level was low.

But after several years I've finally posted some good art on my profile and got more than 30 orders from different people who wanted to work with me.

I'm very happy that I found A&C and it helped me a lot to improve my drawing skills 'cause there's a lot of people who value you as an artist, your style and the time you spend on work.

It is an amazing place as for beginners or the professionals!