Lyrics & Melody, Images & Colors

by A&C member : APERNS

Being an artist is like being a musician, we want to express our idea but in a different medium. A musician expresses their ideas using their lyrics and melody, an artist express their ideas using images and colors. I realized I wanted to be an artist after I showed my drawing to my friends one day when I was a kid, as I saw their reaction I realized that everyone in this world sees things differently from each other, we have our own perspective of seeing things, so I want the world to see what I see.

There are many great artists, and every day a new artist is born, I know there will be a lot of competition in this field. Sometimes I feel insecure when I see other artists drawings, always thinking I'm not good enough but now I use them as motivation, "If they can draw that, why can't I?". I just kept on drawing and try to improve my skills.

Actually, I felt really appreciated for the first time when I start opening commissions in this website. People seem to enjoy my work and I feel good about it.

My friend told me about this website and I think this website is the best for artists and clients who wants a piece of art, It's simple, pretty straight forward and has lots of options.