Art Is My Work And Passion

by A&C member : PANDAPOW

Art can be a skill to make a career out of, for some it can simply be a hobby. Being an artist is like any other occupation that you would work hard to earn a living, but for me it's simply my work and passion in one. I decided to take art as a job that I can enjoy because of all the cartoons and animes I've watched that inspired me since I was a kid. Along the way I've taken a few courses to further study art for learning and improvement.

The challenge for me was really looking for a job that I can enjoy and earn from it. I've had a few opportunities of applying them, but they seem a little restricted from creativity. Not to mention working in an office that you'll need to interact with the staff. How I've overcome it was just finding alternatives as a freelance artist, which is how I ended up in this website. Selling artworks in conventions helps too on the sidelines.

My highlight moments were just the positive reactions I would get from clients with how much they genuinely love my work. Their comments and satisfactions would add into the motivation to continue my art life. I was introduced to Artistnclients by my sister who helped me search websites for online commissions. It took time for me to receive jobs when I uploaded my first few slots, but with patience and hope, I've gotten notifications from very nice clients.

As an artist if you're pursuing it as a job, draw as much as possible, study to improve and try new things!