Art For Passion And Living

by A&C member : IONATHAVICO

Hello, I'm Ionatha and I'm an architect and freelance illustrator from Indonesia. I've been drawing since my childhood, and I can't live without art and drawing.

My journey began when I joined Roleplaying Group named Canvas Ranger. I met new friends, even artists who draw more beautiful than I am. After practice, I gain more confidence to draw far from my comfort zone. Draw building, comic, group photoshoot, armor, kamen rider etc. each drawing made me better and appreciate the details, and I want to give the best in every art that I made.

When I joined the faculty of architecture, and learn a lot with perspective and scale and it will really help me to make more detailed art. I love making details! From here I keep getting more lovely friends in art community and sometimes do art trades and free art. I love making people happy with my art :)

In this community too I learn about editing comic, organizing things even go to local convention to sell my art & merchandise. at first I doubt people will like my art, but I'm happy I can make money from the things that I like. It's unbelievable to think about making a job only from drawing, when my parents wanted me to be an architect or maybe work in the office :))). But I will prove I can do best both for my study and my passion. Seeing people love my art made me want to work harder and harder. So happy for the support and pray so I can remain in this field.

I still struggle with my drawing speed and artstyle but I'm trying to give the best I could. I join Artist&Clients and it really helps me to live as a freelance artist and learn to manage my time. A&C also gave me the opportunity to show and upgrade my talent. Really happy to meet new people and working on this site. They also encourage me as an artist. Love u all <3