Saved By Talent

by A&C member : PISCEANART

Abandoned by the world, saved by talent. 


“You cannot get money from your drawings”. Store owner said it to me, it was painful but it was true. I was a young man at that time and I’m really looking for a job, I don't have money, dropped out of college, have a broken family and also I’m a broken hearted. I don’t have anything to complain about but this is life and I need to move forward.

Well, the world before is not like our world today, before online jobs were not yet available or not yet available in my country. In my young age I used to draw things and eventually become my hobby to escape from the painful reality. When I’m sad write a story and turn it into a comic and manga and that’s the awesome thing that I can do. You know I love my drawings and it is a part of me.

But now, I need to quit drawing to find a job and it was a really hard decision for me. I worked as a gasoline boy, food attendant, caretaker, company operator and all those years I spent working I never found happiness, can’t find a job that gives a decent salary, there’s a big hole of sadness in my heart and it feels like a part of me is missing.

One day, I walked in the alley and I saw a poster “We need Graphic Artist” since I didn't have a job that time. I tried to apply as a graphic artist in a small printing press. The owner accepts newbies but with a small salary, I accepted it to gain experience and also it feels great because I can finally use my artistic side in my work. Since that day I have always worked on a computer. And there’s a time I heard a humor that there’s a site where I can showcase my art and can earn money in a big figures, Days later I started to work as a freelancer and I quit my job after 4 years and that’s the best decision I made. :D

Today I’m a full-time Manga Artist thanks to for giving me this opportunity and thanks also to the entire buyer who trusted me and commissioned me you are all awesome!

Above all I thank GOD for my TALENT. It saves me.

Why do I recommend to the new artist? Because it’s a friendly freelancing platform exclusively for artists like us! We can grow here in our own different fields, and there’s a big chance for everyone to get featured and all the buyers can find you! trust me!