Bust/flat colors
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Bust/flat colors

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A simple digital bust sketch with flat colors.
OCs and fanart is ok!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 39 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 03 2020

Good communication and very fast work! I love how it turned out!


July 03 2020

Absolutely amazing as always! Work came out beautiful! Definitely recommended! ^^


June 09 2020

Artist was wonderful to work with! Very responsive and very polite! They did an amazing job with my commission!


May 23 2020

Wonderful artist, friendly, patient and incredibly talented!


May 15 2020

AMAZING! <3<3<3


May 09 2020

Very flexible and concerned about getting it juuust right! Will definitely be commissioning again!


April 25 2020

nothing but good things as always! a very satisfied commissioner for the third time. THANK YOOUUU


April 12 2020

Bit bumpy towards the beginning - but we All have the LIFE hit us. I can Honestly write I have Never had an artist so Intent and Willing(!) to review and discuss every step. I was Blown away by Kanato's eagerness to communicate and get the piece Exactly as I envisioned it. Especially when parts were difficult for her/out of her realm of firsthand experience. Definitely will commish again and it would be a Good Life Decision to choose this artist for your next art idea as well.


March 12 2020

Great job as always!!! <3


February 27 2020

Fantastic artist. I know that is said a lot, so allow me to go into detail. Kantano is not only skilled at what they do, easy to work with, fast and communicative, they also have the innate ability to extrapolate from vague examples and figure out what you are looking for. If you are searching among the many different artists for oc art or RP toon art, I recommend stopping here. You wont regret it.

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