Realistic style. Full body

This is a commission slot. You can hire clayscence to create a personalized artwork of this sort here.

  • $ 144.00 base price
  • 1 month Days estimated turnaround
  • Currently Unavailable
Realistic style. Full body
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 10 clients thus far.

clayscence describes this slot:

Commission a beautiful realistic fantasy artwork! Anything you imagine, I can create for you.

Price does not include a background


Liv4This writes:

Pleasant to work with! Their art is fantastic! I will definitely commission them again in the future! I am very pleased.

Torkuda writes:

Fairly complicated request this time, two characters and a vehicle, very well done all around though, surprising detail.

Ashemmi writes:

The art took a while, but well worth the wait! Absolutely stunning work.

Demo writes:

Very quick and responsive, final product was amazing.

Torkuda writes:

Another job well done!

GreameMc34 writes:

Amazing work.. second time I’ve commissioned the artist now and couldn’t be happier with the work.

APR writes:

The artist established clear guidelines and delivered an excellent product within them. Would certainly commission again!

Sixth writes:

As the first time commissioning, Clayscence was a pleasure to work with and completely receptive to my proposal. Of course the quality of the art was indeed as advertised, which is to say quite beautiful.

Grandblade writes:

Extremely talented artist. I came with a vague idea at best, and I still left happy. Helpful and kind artist with noticeable skill!

jd2009 writes:

Amazing art fits perfectly for what I want to put it on communication was great, and they stuck to the time frame they specified very professional 10/10 recommend

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