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Bouncing Tiny Pixel
- This slot is for humanoids character only, pls refer to Bouncy Creature for non-humanoids character! ^u^
Link :
- Additional fee 3$ - 5$ for extra props / small pet.
- Default canvas size : 50x50px, will be adjusted up to 60px if necessary, pls state it clearly if it must be 50px.
- You will receive transparent gif file.

Thankyou~~! <3

client reviews


March 29 2024

Amazing work! I had commissioned 9 icons, which is a pretty big batch but it got delivered in a very quick time frame! (around 1 week) Which the art quality didn't suffer from, it looks as lovely as always which is just amazing! Their very open to changes and will ask if adjustment is needed. Great communication!


February 28 2024

Neapa is quick, responsive, and their art is so cute. I am very happy with my commission! Thank you Neapa!!


February 27 2024

Fast and super cute stuff! :3 I love all the tiny details in the pixels.


February 27 2024

Quick turn around time and high quality product! Pleasure doing business with 'em ^^

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 347 clients thus far.

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