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$65 for 1 full body front view + 2 expressions.

  • add more expressions = + $5 each addition
  • add back view = + $5

There might be an additional price depends on the complexity of the character.

client reviews


August 31 2021

One of my favorite artist


July 23 2021

Great and friendly artist, 10/10 would commission again in the future!


July 19 2021

Excellent artist who delivered really good work! I will gladly commission this artist again!


May 01 2021

Absolutely outstanding performance! Annie_chuu has an amazing knack for detail and clear talent for providing very character rich illustrations. Having ordered an expression sheet of six, I was blown away by how well and accurately my requests was carried out and even more so the sheer depth of emotion portrayed. A truly beautiful style in of itself, I can confidently say one can't go wrong with Annie_chu, both their work ethic and communication skills are absolutely on par and with fairly clear wips I had a very good idea what I was getting from the beginning. Absolutely fantastic! I don't think I could have found a better artists for this task, let alone for such a reasonable price.

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  • HOT SALE! Headshot Illustration
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  • Headshot Illustration
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  • Half Body Illustration - Simple BG
    Half Body Illustration - Simple BG
    Closed 1

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 3 clients thus far.

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