Full body portrait
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Full body portrait

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- Closeup: 35 usd
- Half Body > 50 usd
- Full Body > 60 usd
- Couple > on demand
- Fantasy creatures (dragons and similar) > on demand
- Logos and banners (for blog, social etc.) > on demand
All prices are for non-commercial and personal use.
If you want to talk on commercial commission (only for original character and concept illustration, for example a novel book cover or CD cover) send me a private note.

violence, sexual scenes, hardcore, mecha, anthro, furry (but nekomimi, ears, tails and wings are Ok!) and please, PLEASE not request me BBW or tickling feet (If you have any doubt about the themes feel free to send me a message!)

For another informations about my commission please see the Terms in my profile.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


November 03 2020

Best artist to have worked with. Weekly updates and took direction great! Their style of art is just breath taking. I am so happy to be showing it off to everyone and point them to Aramisdream. Commission more art from them in the future. A joy to work with.


June 04 2020

Aramis did such a wonderful job on my dragon. Every step of the process was communicated and run by me to make sure there weren't any changes needing made. They are committed to you have a smooth experience with that great end result product! You cannot go wrong hiring this artist to do your pieces! Thank you so much Aramis! I love it! :D!


January 22 2020

This artist is absolutely fantastic. They go above and beyond to ensure you love your piece and they provide plenty of WIPs as well as how they plan on going forward from that WIP. I look forward to future commissions from them!


January 02 2020

Aramis is aptly named, a true dream to work with! Kind and courteous and ever open to suggestion, it was not only a pleasure to brainstorm but to be involved in the creative process. The final product is something I will truly cherish, and I can't recommend a better person to entrust with character concepts and design. Thank you aramisdream! ?

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