YCH - Paizuri
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YCH - Paizuri

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YCH - Paizuri

13 USD: Black and White
20 USD: Full Color
Fluids: + 5 USD
Background: + 5 USD

Original characters or canon characters are accepted.
Please fill out the form within the terms to send the request.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


September 14 2020

Great art


September 06 2020

They delivered yet another amazing and beautiful fusion, they are very kind as well. apologized for the wait which is always appreciated. Thanks again ??


August 25 2020

Awesome and beautiful result, asked me questions about how I wanted things etc overall, loved the fusion. Definitely check them out :D


August 17 2020

The service/communication of the artist was good and they seemed quite lovely and energetic. However the end result of the fusion (Lucario & Renamon) I wasn't particularly pleased with, since it ended up leaning heavily towards one of the 'mons with minimal influence from the other. Then one part of the drawing itself was a bit jarring compared to the rest of the figure. I wouldn't have minded had I been offered to see the sketch of the design (since I understand for some people it's all about the surprise) and then the parts of the design that didn't quite work or were jarring could've been pointed out and tweaked before the final lineart and colours stage. Artist did include a number of different file options of the completed design which was REALLY nice and appreciated.


August 12 2020

The artist was extremely nice and made incredibly high quality art. I can't recommend them enough!


August 10 2020

Quick and excellent work, certainly recommend!


August 09 2020

Very creative artist. Understands how to make the best of two elements. Would reccommend!


July 27 2020

Very good contact, amazingly quick completion!


July 27 2020

Artist is amazing!! Make me honestly jump with joy with how adorable this all was!!!


July 03 2020

Artist did an amazing job, very friendly, willing to negotiated, very accepting of positive feedback!

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