Full body / Half-body drawing
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Full body / Half-body drawing

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I can draw sketches to fully drawn portraits - all for the same price.

Some things about my drawings I think you should now:

1) I alternate between Clip Studio Art and SAI2

2) Usually draw on 2000-3000px × 2000-3000px canvases.

3) Usually export the drawings in jpeg/jpg/png. formats.

I can draw:

1) 1-2 characters per drawing

2) People of any kind

3) In casual clothing, costumes and gowns.

4) Some very simple backgrounds.

I can't draw:

1) Furry/animal art.

2) Gore (aside from just some blood and cuts/bruises)

3) NSFW-art (I can draw someone sexy, but not, you know, too sexy)

4) Anything pedophilic. (nsfw of minors, minors engaging with adults in sexual/romantic activities, etc.)

One drawing akin to this one takes about 6-7 days, so please be patient.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


October 16 2020

Great job!


October 08 2020

Very friendly artist, very fast and polite! It was easy to talk to them and get exactly what I wanted :)


September 29 2020

The artist was extremely kind, and worked very fast, and the art is gorgeous! Definitely recommended.


September 16 2020

Amazing, would recommend working with again! They worked well with the details given and did well with edits.


September 13 2020

Fast, polite, and fantastic work! Artist asked for any fixes and was very prompt with every response. Highly recommend!

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