cinematic action scene
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cinematic action scene

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IMPORTANT: Read terms of service first and use pm/whisper.

simple or detailed, doesn't matter. this slot is for more story and action type pictures.

try to whisper before taking slot, to see if it's doable or not. these types tend to become complicated and take some planning first.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 18 2021

Absolutely incredible attention to detail. Gave updates like clockwork, and was really accommodating of alterations and ongoing tweaks. I was taken aback with how quick the progress was, and the sheer quality of the image. The lighting in particular is fantastic, and I cannot recommend highly enough!


December 23 2020

Dnukem is a wonderful artist to work with and is incredibly accommodating of requests and changes throughout the development of the piece. There was plenty of communication, updates and checks. The attention to detail is insanely good and zooming in on any part of the piece really showed that. Spectacular art to receive, lovely artist to work with.


December 05 2020

Great artist and lots of communication. Really happy!


September 29 2020

I really liked the drawing, however the customer service seemed to be a bit lacking.


August 03 2020

Very well done! Excellent communication and utter dedication to the craft. An excellent experience and well worth the cost!


July 04 2020

Great and quick work, very communicative and easy to work with. Would recommend for sure!


June 26 2020

Very diligent and completely surpaaaed my expectations- highly recommended!

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